Will Mutual Funds still exist in 10 years?

The question begs itself. With the rise of Exchange Traded Funds and the wide variety of low-cost ETFs available to the Canadian investor, will mutual funds still exist in 10 years? Or will smart investors opt for ETFs instead of mutual funds and force mutual funds to lower their fees to unsustainable levels?

Welcome to the FeeHack Blog! The topic of the Blog is the comparison of legacy mutual funds to their most equivalent ETFs, highlighting any reasons why it makes sense for investors to ditch the mutual funds and invest in ETFs in their stead. We will systematically dissect mutual funds and compare them to ETFs to expose their strengths and weaknesses.

For each comparison there will be winners and losers. Readers can decide for themselves if the comparison makes sense and also chime in with comments or questions if they have. Hopefully the outcome will be a more informed and smarter investor ready to make better investment decisions. Our goal is to help the reader retire with more because we know that the key to retiring richer is paying less in fees!

Happy reading and Happy FeeHacking!