About FeeHack

Our mission is to help Canadian investors save on fees and retire with more.

Mutual Fund fees in Canada are on average seven (7) times higher than the fees charged by ETFs of similar asset class and yet the benefits of mutual funds over ETFs are limited. Most mutual fund holders are not fully aware of the significance and potential impact this can have on their long term investment goals.

The best alternative to Mutual Funds are ETFs, and specifically those with low fees, above average liquidity (trading volume), low tracking to their assigned benchmark, and large assets under management. Investment Advisors may not be aware which ETFs have the highest correlation and utmost similarity to the Mutual Funds held by their clients. Enter FeeHack. We can match any Canadian Mutual Fund with the most equivalent ETF, and we have no allegiance to any ETF manufacturer so our choices are unbiased.

FeeHack's primary objective is to inform investors as to the fees they are paying inside their mutual funds and help them save.

We do this because we believe Canadians deserve better. They deserve to keep the money they have earned and we are committed to helping Canadians pay less and retire with more.